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Ray Couwie
08-05-24 16:26:21
This guy is a scammer. Steels your many and manely from old people. Don’t do any business with this guy, because it will cost you a lot of money.
Hope he burns in hell!!
Pay Backtime
08-05-24 11:20:15
Time for payback!! This Guy is a scammer and it's time to kick him like a rat on the streets.
Money spender but not his own money.
Until payback time soon !!!
Pas Op
08-05-24 01:36:57
Watch out for this men! He is wanted for stealing money from old people in the Netherlands and there is an investigation still ongoing regarding the ownership of child-porn! Steer clear of this company if you are in your right mind!
Charles Hoekstra
07-05-24 23:22:25
Ga niet met deze oplichter in zee . Deze man steelt geld van oude mensen . Schandalig!!!!!!!!!
07-05-24 23:11:41
The owner of this company is a scammer and he still needs to pay more than 50k back to 2 innocent people. He doesn’t have any morals and should pay everything back.
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